Do You Need SiteLock Security With BlueHost? Is It Worth The Money?

BlueHost SiteLock Domain Security

Answer in 1 word: NO!

Answer in 1 sentence: NO! YOU DON'T NEED IT!

Answer in 1 paragraph (ok more than 1 paragraphs):-

Do you know what is SiteLock? You probably don't. Please click here now to read how BlueHost explained it. Do you understand now? If yes, please email me and explained to me because I don't understand!

I built my first website in 1998 and have since built many many websites and host with many many web host. You don't need something like that.

It says:-

    • Demonstrate to your customers that you are a trustworthy business by verifying your credentials such as email, phone and address.
    • Displaying the SiteLock certificate increases conversion rates on your site. It will give your business instant credibility & trust in the eyes of customers.
    • Recover your reputation
    • Security verification logo


I have displayed the SiteLock logo in this blog post now. It is free. I downloaded it from their website. Does the logo demonstrate to you I am trustworthy. Does it increase my credibility in your eyes? I doubt.

    • SiteLock automatically scans your website for vulnerabilities and malware to ensure they are not being blocked or spammed.
    • Eliminate database vulnerabilities
    • Secure your network
    • Remove malware
    • Malware removal
    • Spam black-list removal
    • Database security
    • Network security
    • Ongoing security assurance
    • Discounted expert services

There is no further explanation on how they are going to protect our website. There is not enough transparency. What kind of database vulnerabilities? How often is the scan being performed? Will I get a report on what it does? Or maybe I will just get this, 'Scan Completed! Nothing Detected.'

Searching the Help Center for 'Sitelock' shows no results. The only page in the entire website is only this!

The 'SiteLock Domain Security' will cost you $14.99/year.

The Site Lock service is not provided by BlueHost but a third party But it is not mentioned anywhere in their website. Is it a different 'SiteLock'? But the shared the same logo

On their official website, the basic plan cost $9.99/month (Month, not year!). The Enterprise plan will cost you $49.99/month. So where do the cheapo $14.99/year plan fit in(only $1.5/month)?

Is it worth the money? No I don't think so. Money is more well spend by purchasing other add-on such as 'Site Backup Pro' which will provide more real and practical security to you by making sure your website is backup periodically.

Have you activated the best discount pricing?

BlueHost activates different discount pricing based on different links. They are different by 50 cents to $2.50 per month but will add up substantially for longer contracts.

Plus Plan
(Unlimited Website)
Discount Pricing
12 Month $6.95   ($83.40)
24 Month $6.45 ($154.80)
36 Month $4.95 ($178.20)
Basic Plan
(Single Website)
Discount Pricing
12 Month $4.95  ($59.40)
24 Month $3.95  ($94.80)
36 Month $2.95 ($106.20)



Albert says:
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 07:08

Awesome Explanation, very useful!!

Many thanks,


Dale says:
Thu, 01/10/2013 - 19:05

Yes I got scammed from them and paid the $14.99 ' Because Google contacted me and said that I had malware on my website and they black listed my website' So I thought I would pay the $14.99 to sitelock and they would help me get rid of the malware or what ever is on my website. I was wrong' The $14.99 is just for you to use there logo sitelock and put it on your website. That's all you get' They contacted me and said that they would go in to my website and remove the malware and fix it for $189.00 . That's more money they want . I said to them to give me my $14.99 back and they can keep there logo.

kirk says:
Tue, 10/01/2013 - 16:45

14.99 is their basic service. This service only alerts you when your site is infected. The premium subscription for 5.95 per month is what you need.

Derek says:
Wed, 11/07/2012 - 23:39

I dealt with Sitelock where they are very over-priced in comparison with other services in the same space. I paid around $400 for them to clean malware from our site and "harden" against further attacks. 2 weeks later, they sent me an email saying the site had malware on it. They wanted to charge me an additional $250 to clean the site or $780 to continually clean for a year.

My complaint was that their "hardening" process seemed quite useless to me seeing that 2 weeks later malware infected my site again. Furthermore, when they initially "hardened" my site, they somehow made a mistake on coding that prevented me from accessing my control panel. Their response is that they wouldn't fix unless I paid the additional fees for them to clean my site.

I simply moved on to another company to handle the work.

Much more reasonable.


jetfire says:
Mon, 01/21/2013 - 04:53

Your post is real funny I actually enjoyed it - - and thanks for the tip! I kinda feel sitelock isn't really needed - just had to be sure though. I was comparing 3 providers and 2 insist upon it, the other plainly said "you don't need it"!

Me not you says:
Fri, 02/22/2013 - 17:14

SiteLock is more for the kind of people that think that building a website is done by just *thinking* it into existence. It's for the people that think that once a site is built, nothing else is needed. It's for the people that have no idea what an insecure script is, what a malware injection is, and for people who have a password that is fluffy1.

It's a simple scanning service that searches weekly for outdated scripts and notifies the user of such. There are enhanced services, like where it will automatically update said outdated scripts, for additional cost.

Paul says:
Sat, 02/23/2013 - 03:59

Man why didn't I see this earlier. Going through the EXACT same nonsense currently. They're giving me all kinds of run arounds promising things and not delivering then always asking for more money. I don't know how such a scammy service got associated with BlueHost but it's ridiculous. The "malware reports" they give you are the exact same things you'd get for free from Google if you just use their website reports. RIP OFF SERVICE hands down.

Terry says:
Fri, 03/29/2013 - 01:17

Hi Guys
Oops, just signed up with Bluehost who suggested Sitelock and guess what.
Wish I had seen this post earlier.
Anyway, thanks for the info, - better late than never.

Gonna keep my eyes open in case they try to get me by the proverbial b.......


Dan says:
Tue, 02/26/2013 - 12:54

Wow, just got off the phone with them. They wanted $320 to set up preventive security and that money would be good for the whole year. Working on my first website, so I'm thinking, Oh, I never thought about all the security stuff. I'm that guy that "Me not You" above is talking about. So in my head im trying to budget out this $320. Thank you everybody on here, because you just save me that money. I'm sure security is needed, but this doesnt seem like the right path to get it.

Thank you Derek, I will check out your recommendation. Any other recommendations are appreciated.


Heather says:
Mon, 03/25/2013 - 08:29

Apparently my site now has malware after almost exactly 1 month after signing up with bluehost and selecting site lock. After reading this I'm thinking I will be asking for a refund from them. I had called and they wanted $200 to clean up once, premium plan for a ton of money, and a firewall for $500 a year. WTF!

Julian says:
Mon, 05/06/2013 - 19:42

Dont buy from SiteLock!

I mysteriously got a "malware" issue on my website an hour before I got a phone call from SiteLock saying I had malware and they wanted to charge me extra to delete it, over their scanning software price.

I almost got sucked in by $800 or so until doing some digging and finding this website. It would SEEM LIKELY that they infected my website deliberately to try and sell this nonsense to me.

Just contact your HOSTING provider, they should remove malware free of charge. Then keep all software/wordpress plugins and versions updated, anti-spam comments plugins up to date and change passwords regularly and you'll be fine.


Mark Fitzpatrick says:
Mon, 07/15/2013 - 21:45

You just saved me some cash. Thanks a lot for that.

I wasn't exactly sure what "Sitelock" was or if i needed it.
Thanks again.


Todd says:
Sat, 08/03/2013 - 16:14

Guys, just beware of BlueHost. It is owned by Mormons and they can and do practice censorship of your content if it is not in line with their ethical beliefs. This applies to various language, photos, any adult type references, political opinions, or any other subject they deem inappropriate.

John says:
Tue, 12/10/2013 - 13:51

This company is running a scam I think. Read my story and you tell me. Also they have awful customer service. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!

I have not had an issue with any sort of blocking on any of my website for over 6 years and last week on the suggestion of Netfirms I bought the Premium package from Site lock because Netfirms told me that this would be the plan that finds the malware and then cleans it up for me. So of course this sounded like a good plan. Interestingly the day after I sign on with Site Lock Google black lists my website and site lock is telling me that this is a malware they can’t clean up for me and that I would have to pay $200 extra for them to clean this up. Plus I should pay another $60 a month for a firewall to make sure it doesnt happen again. Ps I found out this info on the second call because on the first call they told me that they would had fixed the problem and resubmitted to Google for me and would call me that night to let me know the status which they never did call me back until another agent called me 4 days later.

Then we got Netfirms involved because Sitelock said its their fault for leading me to believe that the premium plan would clean up my malware and that is not the case I am paying only to get some malware removed. The Sitelock agent had the nerve to accuse me of lying and that the first agent never said that they had cleaned up my site and would resubmit to google which outraged me. He said that they listened to the call and it was never said which I know is untrue so I requested a copy of the call they listened to and they said they would send it and of course never did because they know I was right and they are the ones lying.

So I would like to spread the word about my awful experience with Sitelock the supposed leader in website security. You be the judge is it just coincidence that the day after I sign on with Sitelock I get hacked and get blacklisted from google? Or could it be that Sitelock is leaking their client list to some hackers and paying them under the table to hack into their new clients sites so that the client will have to pay Sitelock more money to get their site cleaned by them. Sitelock stands to make a lot of money on us poor suckers. Just imagine how easy it would be for them to do this and there would be no way to find out unless one of the Hackers came clean about it and why would they do it when Sitelock is paying them good money to do this. I know I am sounding like a conspiracy theorist but honestly this is just too much of a coincidence.

Emorroidi says:
Mon, 02/03/2014 - 03:45

Thank you for this article!

I'm going to renew one of my domain (the first one with BlueHost) and by default they renewed my subscribe to sitelock too. Problem is I never subscribet it in the first place, they put it for free on my domain for the fist year, then tried to charge for the second year without asking first!

Foxcrawl says:
Sat, 12/06/2014 - 12:58

is sitelock bogus?

Sitelock is entirely puzzling to me:) Right now, I am in the middle of some discussions with them about possible malware infection of my site which i believe is fake. Why i am saying that? Well, my iPage hosting account was temporarily suspended recently because one of my sites was infected (forgot to update its software, plugins, etc, for long and that made way to vulnerabilities). After making corrections and exchanging emails for 1 week, my hosting provider said that my account is clean and put it back online. But just less than 24 hours later, Sitelock sends me notification that they found malware. Of course, I do not believe them, and i am waiting for an explanation. Most likely they want to convince me to buy one of their protection plans. Besides that, any other malware scanner shows that my site is clean.
So, if sitelock makes up kind of logical story i will let you know.

Jean says:
Mon, 12/15/2014 - 09:44


I have sitelock on a bluehost site and it seems a waste of time. I got hacked and then blocked by Google and so Google webmaster tools sent me a warning. Basically you can use Google webmaster and word fence together and get a warning that way. Site lock probably just monitors google blacklists, not sure it ever scanned anything as they never sent any verification of that. I complained to bluehost to refund the money and they refused. Everyone just wants to sell you another feature but in reality a good backup plan and Wordfence and webmaster tools has been working.

stephen thor says:
Wed, 03/11/2015 - 14:50

sitelock is worthless

I have had sitelock for years and got nothing more than the badge. my site got hacked anyways and I emailed sitelock about4 times, they never got back to me. the only time I have been contacted by sitelock was today, they told me I needed to update my credit card! they just want the money for their badge, their service and customer service are worthless.

Mich says:
Wed, 05/06/2015 - 07:36

Sitelock is a scam - confirmed

As people have realized on here, not only do you not need Sitelock but it is ACTUALLY A SCAM AND WILL INFECT YOUR WEBSITE WILL MALWARE TO MAKE YOU PAY THEM MONEY.

I have 3 identical websites (exactly the same - just set-up for the USA, UK and Australia). For some reason I signed up for Sitelock for one of them. Surprise, surprise this one has been 'infected' by malware and Sitelock wants me to pay them to remove it.

I actually believe that SITELOCK ITSELF IS MALWARE. I have had problems with this site on Google now. I had to get Sitelock completely removed from my site because of this.

The fact that Bluehost and other hosting companies are making you pay to effectively install their malware on your site is criminal. Spread the word.

john says:
Thu, 05/14/2015 - 08:24

Sitelock is an ass hole. My

Sitelock is an ass hole. My site is down and the hosting site asked me to resort to SITELOCK. I paid them USD150 for one month, and 20 days past, they did nothing, nobody contacts me and solve my problem. I went to their site to complain with their live talk section and nobody even type one word after I saying out my problem. SITELOCK is totally a cheat. They are very sweet and kind before charing your money, but after that they did nothing and only your money will be locked, I think they should be called "MONEYlock". kEEP AWAY FROM THIS CHEAT.!

Ankit says:
Mon, 07/13/2015 - 05:52

Thank God. I was just about

Thank God. I was just about to buy Sitelock. Read this and other articles and now skipped buying it.

Thanks a lot guys for saving me from financial and mental stress..!!!!

May you live 100 years..!!

asha says:
Sat, 07/18/2015 - 01:46

site lock with ipage

this happens with other hosting companies, too. ipage sent me an ad saying site lock was on sale and then, within six hours cut off all my websites (i create them for clients) because they suddenly noticed two were infected by malware through Wordpress. as far as i can tell, they were fine and clean two days ago. two of the three ipage representatives i spoke with over the course of this ordeal made it clear that nothing i could do would get any websites back up unless i bought sitelock and 911 - $159 at the sale price. Homestly, i cannot believe the timing. i am certain this was done to pillage money from their clients. i will be looking for a new hosting company, if there are any that don't so this kind of pillaging of their clients.

sean says:
Sat, 08/01/2015 - 07:50

site lock

Site Lock is worthless! You pay them a premium every month for added protection and then you get hacked. It would not surprise me that they themselves are responsible for the hacking and then you get the call that your site is infected and needs to be cleaned up for big fees. When it happened to me I called them and asked why I would pay them more to clean up something I paid to have them prevent and they proceeded to tell me my 19.00 ( I think that was the amount or close anyway I had upgraded protection) per month was just for scanning and periodic reviews. There is way to much temptation for this company to infect your site and then call to make money. They are also very rude when you question them its as if they think you have no choice. I completely redid my site and cancelled site lock and now just do lots of automatic back ups so I can easily restore. I even told them I would switch web hosting companies to get away from them and they said good luck we are everywhere. Awful company.

Click Here to Read My BlueHost Review (Just Updated!)

19 thoughts on “Do You Need SiteLock Security With BlueHost? Is It Worth The Money?”

  1. Recently, IPage has suspended my website that it has malwares. SiteLock was in my initial plan so I was kind of surprise when I heard the notice. Contacted SiteLock and they’re pushing for me to sign up to a plan so that they can scan the website, clean the malware and put up a firewall to prevent further vulnerabiliy. This plan would have to go for 6 months. My site is just a simple blog. No user registration except for subscription to newsletter. What can I do to get my site back up without throwing away $$. Google webmaster tool shows that my site is malware free. Appreciate help.

  2. Bluehost just pushed Sitelock on me. I never asked for it, but as I was looking through my records, I noticed this charge over the last couple years. And, as others have said, the worst of it all is, even with Sitelock in place, Bluehost still suspended my account, two or three times, because of alleged Malware. I have had an account with another major hosting company for longer than I’ve had the Bluehost account, and I have never once had an incident of Malware.

  3. Sitelock looks like a scam. My Bluehost account was suspended by a malware. Sitelocks who offers client service via Bluehost chat (???? i wouldn´t let a company like this offer client service to my clients) was only on the selling line. No help, rude. I prefered to rebuild the sites before paying them. And was cheaper.

  4. Definitely malware involved! Just got this website and haven’t even been able to set it up. Bought a plug in to help selling products that cost me $500.00. Still wasn’t able to set up the website, so I asked for a refund but was told that I cannot have a refund. Then I asked for help to set it up since I paid the $500.00 and they said a representative would contact me this morning but never received the help they promised (a call). Now I just found out my credit card has been used without my permission. So my rating of bluehost / site lock is their services are a complete rip off.

  5. Bluehost is pushing SiteLock on their users. I am founder of WPHackedHelp. We cleaned up a client website in 2 hours and Bluehost is still pushing us to buy SiteLock un unsuspend the website. If anyone has issues, you can reach out to me paul [@} wphackedhelp [dot] com. I think Bluehost is pissing their users off for subpar service at 3x the price of what it should be.

  6. Nov 2016 I hired SiteLock (via BlueHost web hosting company) for 6 months at $99/month to protect my high school memorabilia web site.It was a 6 month commitment and paid with my AMEX card.
    Each month Sitelock billed and AMEX paid. After 7 payments/months I called AND emailed numerous times to cancel my account. No response from Sitelock except one rep who emailed me to ” call back at regular business hours (M-F)”. Well, after 4 calls (over 2 weeks) to billing (always got VOICE MAIL and no call backs), I finally called main # and argued my way into finally talking to billing (main # also got billing voice mail and I insisted they try again).
    BILLING REFUSED TO CANCEL, putting me on hold 3 times (total of over 31 minutes!!!!), and stating (1) I hadn’t fulfilled my contract (I had), and, that (2) I needed to call back exactly at the billing anniversary DAY because that’s what I had agreed to in order to cancel at the required 30 day window. !!!!!! MY CURRENT CALL WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO CANCEL in the future even though I had paid 7 months (they said 5) already. AMEX verified the 7 payments.
    And so I asked AMEX to stop all bills from the SiteLock people as I have proof from AMEX that I paid as required. SiteLock treated me VERY badly… and looking for on-line reviews (including youtube) verifies that I’m not the only one.
    It seems that the only good reviews are from co-marketers of their product.NEVER AGAIN!!!
    Review about: Sitelock Website Security.

  7. I get home from the hospital to discover Hostmonster has disabled my site I had with them for over 12 years due to ‘suspicious activity’. I call to find out why. After an hour on hold, no exaggeration, they tell me I have to get Site Lock (their ‘partner company’ according to a tech) and they transfer me to Leon. Leon tells me Site Lock is $59.95 a MONTH with a one year subscription payable in advance, no refunds if I decide to cancel. So essentially they’re telling me “Give us $700.00 right now or we won’t turn your website back on” I don’t know what they call that in Utah, but here it’s known as EXTORTION. I declined, they deleted my site, my email, and all my files. Poof, entire website gone, can’t be recovered. After 12 years of customer loyalty, 4 1/2 total hours on the phone (mostly on hold) this is how they treat you. If you see Hostmonster, Blue Host (HostMonster’s parent company) or SiteLock (their ‘partner company’) RUN ! They will screw you worse than any malware or hacker. They wiped out my entire website because I wouldn’t pay $700.00 for Site Lock. These people ought to be locked up, if they pulled this in person they would be.

  8. My hosting service uses SiteLock. I received an email from SiteLock telling me that one of my sites was infected with malware. I continued to receive emails and by the end of the week SiteLock said all 21 of my sites were infected.


    On day one I called my host and told them what was going on. They transferred me to their sitelock rep. He told me I was infected and they could take care of it. I asked him to email the information and I would review it. It felt more like SiteLock Marketing $300 to clean and $20 a month per site to keep me protected. I downloaded all of my site files from the host to an external drive. I scanned that drive – clean. I took the drive to a nearby company that deals with corporate security and they scanned it – clean. I called my host back and told them what was going on and they said they would scan my sites themselves – clean.

    I wrote a couple of reviews and that resulted in a call from SiteLock. I explained the situation and she proceeded to tell me that my sites were infected and sent me an email confirming their findings. I sent an email back and told her that if I ever hear from SiteLock again, I will contact my host, cancel my service and contact my attorney.

  9. I had the same issues with Bluehost and “Sitelock” , felt like a scam has been setup.
    Having a couple of websites hosted by BlueHost for years without any problems . Recently those sites were suddenly having “malware issues”, and my call was routed to “Sitelock” security consultant for the solution with of course hijack price package. I turned it down, but kept getting emails from Sitelock with other “cheaper plan”….etc. Surprisingly everytime I called in for Bluehost tech support, I was getting the same suggestion that “Sitelock” would be the *only* right “doctor” for my issue .
    I think Bluehost better to prove that it has nothing to do with this “Sitelock” strategy. It would be a shame to see a good host site to go down with any tactical scam. I am now thinking about to change the web host service myself !!!

  10. Thanks for your review of Sitelock offered by Bluehost.

    After purchasing Bluehost’s Prime Shared Hosting plan, I dug around Bluehost’s site and other places for more info on the Sitelock plan I bought through them. I found that the $1.99/month that I pay for “Sitelock Find” is described on Bluehost’s site at and at

    It’s just too bad that I had to dig for info on Bluehost’s Sitelock plans when they should have provided a link on their home page!

    I’m also using Wordfence on my WordPress multi-site at Bluehost, so I’m pretty well covered for security I think. Also, the main reason I’m paying the $1.99 is so I can get the Security Badge on my site to give viewers a warm-and-fuzzy feeling about my site, haha. I didn’t know I could get it for free. Oh well.

    – – Steven

  11. For the past year or so, I’ve been getting these emailed invoices from justhost (sister company of bluehost) for one month of something called “Sitelock Security Lite” for $0, with a header saying “Free Order.” I have no idea what this is about. I never asked for it, had no idea what the service does, and didn’t know why I was receiving it. I still have no idea what the service does — your article implies that the full service does next to nothing, so heaven knows what the “lite” service does less. At least I’m not paying anything for it… I think.


    My site was infected with “malware” and shut down. Sitelock and Bluehost are the same gang.

    Think of Charlie Chaplin in The Kid the window repair guy who works with the boy who goes around first breaking windows … you get the idea.

    I have since worked with a real website specialist and he told me I had been scammed.

    all the best!

  13. If sitelock is worthless and bluehost has Sitelock offers on their site, then I’m guessing even bluehost is worthless. Can someone kindly recommend a good webhost that’s not costly and does what they say they do with reliability and with many options….thanks…thank God i came here before buying that nonsense

  14. This site lock is blocking me from seeing my emails at present, their site says nothing about this and I am not their customer. Which is why I found this site, because I have no idea who they are or why I cannot use my email? But they sound like bad news, thank you for having this site, now back to my blocked email.

  15. Sitelock/Bluehost is the biggest whhite-colar scam since the advent of the internet. In short they are cheats. For those who do not know, Sitelock is owned by Bluehost, so it should come as no surprise to see they both work in tandem. Just find a new host, and forget about this thieves. My experiences with them is too long to narrate here.
    Bottom line is, don’t get scamed. Sitelock should be investigated for injecting sites with bad code and raising false positives just so they can reap people off. The firm to shame Bluehost the owner of Sitelock.

  16. beware, bluehost is owned bu eig…..
    not so good !!
    i used to host with arvix, also owned by eig….the worst online experience i ever had, terrible customer service….they kept charging me even after i cancelled the account,

    if you want a good trustworthy hosting try to go with a NON eig company

  17. Sitelock is an absolute scam. My website at host gator got infected with malware. Host gator sent me an email stating what it was. I went into cpanel file manager and deleted the offending folder and viola, no more malware. Then I thought it would be best to buy an anti malware plan from host gator who was pushing Sitelock. They had 3 plans. I tried to purchase the $9.99 per month plan and it wouldnt let me. The webpage said my credit card didnt work and to all customer support. I tried 3 more times all refusing to let me purchase so I called customer support.. Lo and behold it was Sitelock telling me they would sell me the $10/month plan because it wouldnt work for me. They said what I really need was there $500/year plan. Sitelock must have this amazing artificial intelligence that is able to stop you from buying the incorrect cheaper recommended plan and funneling you to customer support who recommends the 5 times more expensive plan that is also supposed to work for me.

  18. Yes Sitelock is a scam. I had a yearly subscription and when we were hacked they didn’t help, I had to fix it myself….no refund when I cancelled either.

    Don’t waste your money with these scammers

  19. these companies are working in tandem…just caz u did not buy the monthly protection, they uploaded the malware themselves to harass you to buy..

    i have faced this myself.. proper directories to my codes were added. the teams cab easily trace the IP address of such malware hosts.. instead till two weeks of constant attacks i was told to change passwords and assured tht no product is required….now suddenly they all started the same language…without knowing my complaint…you type malware..they say sitelock

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