vDeck Web Hosting (4 Found!)

vDeck is not a competitor to cPanel.

Just like Google is the monopoly in search engines, cPanel is the monopoly in web hosting. Yes, some people use Bing and the Chinese use Baidu (since Google is blocked in China), but most people just stick to Google. So, in hosting, most people just stick to cPanel.

iPage, StartLogic, FatCow and PowWeb began as independent web hosting companies. And one after another, they were being acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG). Don’t worry about the founders as they left the company with a lot of money in the bank account.

At that time, vDeck was iPage home-developed control panel. What EIG had done later was merging all these companies together and used vDeck as their control panel. They are now basically the same product with different pricing. There are actually more brands than these including but not limited to Dot5Hosting, iPower, iPowerWeb and Globat. But all of these are dead brands now (with rich founders). iPowerWeb is so dead that it is now 404!

I only keep tracked of the 4 that still being kept alive by EIG. I believe PowWeb is the next to go dead.

FatCow and PowWeb have unreasonable high renewal price. That means only iPage and StartLogic still have some logic in their pricing.

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Num of Websites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Promotion/Coupon Unlimited $1.99!
Click to Activate
Unlimited $2.75!
Click to Activate
Unlimited $3.15!
Unlimited $3.88!
Pay Monthly NA $13.98 NA NA
12-Month $2.99
24-Month $2.49
36-Month $1.99
Money Back Guarantee 30-Day Full Refund 30-Day Full Refund 30-Day Full Refund 30-Day Full Refund
Total Price (Rounded) Essential Pro Plan FatCow One Plan
12-Month Total $36
24-Month Total $60
36-Month Total $72
Pay With PayPal Accept PayPal Accept PayPal Accept PayPal Accept PayPal
Domains iPage StartLogic FatCow PowWeb
Free Domain Name 1st Year Free 1st Year Free 1st Year Free 1st Year Free
Parked Domains/ Domain Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL for https:// Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size iPage StartLogic FatCow PowWeb
Storage/ Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth/ Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts (POP/IMAP) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Software & Scripts iPage StartLogic FatCow PowWeb
Control Panel vDeck vDeck vDeck vDeck
Apps Installer MOJO Marketplace MOJO Marketplace MOJO Marketplace MOJO Marketplace
WordPress Installer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website: iPage.com StartLogic.com FatCow.com PowWeb.com
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