Globat Screwed Even Before EIG Takeover

Screenshot of


Globat is a web hosting company acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG).

I wouldn’t say they were destroyed by EIG after the takeover because they were already in a big mess before the acquisition. I kept being informed by their existing customers that their credit cards were being charged without their consent for ‘uprades’ they never signed up for.

Now, it is basically a rebranded vDeck hosting. vDeck is a web hosting control panel owned by EIG which was acquired by them as a package deal when they acquired iPage Hosting (the original vDeck developer).

Globat is so neglected that they didn’t even bother to configure their https:// connection properly, prompting the web browser to show a warning.

Connection not secure. Screen captured on 6th Nov 2020.

Globat is 100% not recommended!

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