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I no longer monitor StartLogic. The page serve as an information page on what had really happened to StartLogic.

StartLogic is iPowerWeb?

A lot of things has happened in the last few years. First, StartLogic is acquired by Endurance International Group. StartLogic is a reseller of iPowerWeb where they do the marketing and provide the customer support themselves while iPowerWeb provides them the servers and infrastructure. Thus, there are lots of similarities between StartLogic and iPowerWeb and his can be seen with the fact that StartLogic is also using the vDeck Control Panel, which is developed and used solely by iPowerWeb only.

[Dot5Hosting is also previously a reseller of iPowerWeb with plans powered with vDeck as well]

Not long after that Endurance International Group also acquired iPowerWeb (and Dot5Hosting)! So everything just becomes one. Now Endurance operates all of them as different brands but underlying, they are the same. If you are not convinced, just examine their plan details and observe the similarities. Or you may run through their order form and notice that they are using the same order platform. You will also noticed that most of the files extension in their website is .bml which is seldom used by other websites.

So what that means is that I believe the infrastructure, the support team and the managements is the same for all these companies. What different is just the brand. If that is the case I think you can just look at iPowerWeb if you are interested in one of them since iPowerWeb is the mother of them all.

StartLogic is not Logic?

Here is the thing you need to know which I have already mentioned in my Dot5Hosting review. After Endurance acquired these companies, they tried to move the servers of existing customers. The migration process caused a lot of frustrations among the existing customers because many websites suffer severe downtime. Some websites no longer function after being migrate to the server. Support was bombard with tickets while they can't handle in timely manners. A lot of customers flee to other web hosts because of that.

The good news is the one time situation is resolved now, but all those bad reviews about them on the internet for that period of time will always stay. 

So what now?

If you like their group, learn more about iPowerWeb here. Or I think you should check out BlueHost and iPage because I think they are currently the best web hosts.


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