Example of BlueHost Hosted Sites

Many people are asking to see some real BlueHost customer sites so they can experience the speed quality first hand. I do have 2 sites that are very suitable for this purpose. Because both sites are full of pictures in every page, you can easily test the loading speed of BlueHost and I am sure it will be a blazing fast experience for you.

Sample Site #1 - Natalie Portman .ws

Remember Star Wars Episode I, II and III? Natalie Portman is the beautiful princess in the movie. This site was launched on 13 August 2002 (almost 10 years ago). Nowadays we have many powerful free scripts such as Gallery 3, Zen Photos, etc. to create an instant picture galleries with almost no effort! But this site is created manually by me when these scripts still do not exist. A total of 150 pictures were selected, resized and arranged one by one by myself! I hope you will be having a lot of fun looking at her testing BlueHost server speed.

Sample Site #2 - Alwiz Sarah Michelle Gellar 

This is the oldest domain name and website that I ever had! It was created in 1997 when I were still in college. And I am proud to say that this site is even older than Google! It was first created with a 486 computer under Windows 3.1. Later it was redesigned with FrontPage 2000 and 2003. It has been hosted by BlueHost for 6 years now. Containing over 400 pictures of the pretty Sarah Michelle Gellar, I hope it is sufficient for you to test the quality of BlueHost.

How Are These Sites Hosted by BlueHost?

Since BlueHost allows you to host unlimited sites under the same account without any extra charges, both are hosted under the same account under addon domains. Welcome to the world of "multiple domain hosting" where you just need to pay for 1 account and host unlimited sites.


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